Ideas for safe production management in chemical cleanrooms

For chemical enterprises, to strengthen the internal management of the clean room, clear safety production (Produce) standards, control (control) good safety management details work. Electronic factory purification workshop air supply and return ducts made of hot duct zinc plate, paste purification and insulation effect of good flame retardant PF foam plastic plate high efficiency air outlet with stainless steel frame, beautiful and clean, perforated mesh plate with baking paint aluminum plate.Flooring can be epoxy self-flowing flooring or high-level wear-resistant plastic flooring, with anti-static requirements, anti-static type can be used  .GMP cleanroom, GMP requires pharmaceutical, food and other production enterprises should have good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict testing system to ensure that the final product quality (including food safety and hygiene, etc.) in line with regulatory requirements  .Inside the workshop, there can be many toxic, hazardous, flammable and explosive substances.In the workshop production personnel composition, there are regular staff, labour importers, their education and technical level of different levels, many people, some personnel lack the necessary safety production (Produce) management experience (experience), and even some labour importers safety production (Produce) awareness lack, greatly increasing the chemical enterprises The difficulty of safety management within the workshop is greatly increased. Therefore, this paper combines the actual situation of workshop production (Produce), and discusses the safe production (Produce) management of chemical clean workshop.

The cleanroom adopts the safety management concept of “safety first, people first”.


1. Establish a safety-first mindset

For the cleanroom of a chemical company, safety is an important guarantee for the production and operation of the company. In the actual production process. Operators are the practitioners of cleanroom safety, and determine the effect of workshop safety management (Production Management). Therefore, for the chemical production workshop, we should adhere to the concept of safety first, constantly strengthen the safety education work of the staff, strengthen the safety management of the clean workshop, enhance the safety awareness of the staff, constantly strengthen their concept of the rule of law of safe production, enhance their safety literacy, clear safety management objectives (cause), avoid fire, explosion, poisoning and pollution and other safety accidents, for the enterprise To create a good environment for safe production.

2. Safety education
Safety education plan is to ensure the effect of safety education, in the process of safety education, constantly improve the safety education standards, combined with the actual work state of employees and mechanical equipment (composition: drive, variable speed device, etc.) operating state and the environment around the clean workshop, using lectures, training (role: knowledge transfer, skills transfer, standard transfer), competition, learning, and constantly to employees GMP cleanroom GMP is a set of mandatory standards for the pharmaceutical and food industries, which requires companies to ensure the safety of their raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production processes and packaging. GMP is a set of mandatory standards for the pharmaceutical and food industries, which require companies to meet health and quality requirements in terms of raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production processes, packaging and transport, quality control and other aspects in accordance with national regulations, forming a set of operational specifications to help companies improve their health environment and identify problems in the production process in time for improvement. In addition, in the process of training and education of employees’ safety and technical knowledge, it is necessary to enrich (plump) the form of safety education and give employees warnings (warning notices) through real cases.




Post time: Feb-25-2022